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Thanks for dropping by! History never inspired me until I had time to consider how I came to be me. The voices of the past whispered and I listened.

Curiosity inspires my creative storytelling and grounds me with a profound sense of gratitude for the generations who came before. I feel their pain, embrace their triumphs, and marvel at their bold adventures.

As my characters grow, I reflect on their lives, propelling me to fabricate one version of how they handled events they faced.

I invite you into their world, and to walk beside them as they face both the joys and perils of everyday life.

Cynthia Young Canadian author
Cynthia Young Canadian Author
In the Shadow of Mount Royal novel by Cynthia Young
After Clouds Sunshine novel by Cynthia Young
Leaving was just the beginning novel by Cynthia Young


Curiosity inspires creative story-telling. The result leads me to share stories about my family ancestors. As I absorb the details recorded about their lives, some reflections emerge, and I use creative license to imagine how their lives unfolded.

Books by Cynthia Young
Combining facts of life with imagination Cynthia Young
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In the Hills: Winter 2023: The Year in Books

November 27, 2023 | In The Hills | Arts 

In the Shadow of Mount Royal—Growing Up in Montreal’s Golden Age
Leaving Was Just the Beginning—One Woman’s Journey to India
After Clouds, Sunshine—The Story of Grace Evelyn Loucks, 1867–1949

by Cynthia Young


In this series of creative non-fiction books, Cynthia Young delves into the stories of her great-grandparents, combining the facts of their lives and family lore with her own imaginings—of thoughts, of conversations, of events, of settings.

In the Shadow of Mount Royal, for example, tells the story of James Gillespie, who was born in 1863 and grew up in Montreal during what is often called the city’s “Golden Age.” At the time, Montreal was Canada’s economic and cultural hub, and home to many of the captains of industry whose names are recorded in history books.

But the names of James—or Jamie, as he was called—and his family don’t appear in those books. The Gillespies were ordinary folk who worked every day to make ends meet, who approached life’s tribulations with courage and determination, and whose labour helped build Montreal’s wealth.

In rich and loving detail, Young brings alive Jamie’s story, as well as the stories of Evelyn Loucks in After Clouds, Sunshine and of Mary Lucy Byrne in Leaving Was Just the Beginning, by portraying the lives of these everyday, yet thoroughly remarkable people against the backdrop of the times they lived through. 


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Caledon Ontario
Historical Novels by Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young Canadian Author


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