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SDG & A Book Fair 2024


Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry & Akwesasne (SDG&A) Book Fair

Lost Villages Museum - Ault Park

July 21 2024 10:00am to 4:00pm

16361 Fran LaFlamme Drive Long Sault, ON

My latest book, After Sunshine, Clouds, tells the story of Grace Loucks, beginning in the historic village of Aultsville, Ontario. Along with many others, her family descended from Upper Canada Loyalists who sought a peaceful settlement after their exodus following the American Revolution. With the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1958, this and other villages along the river disappeared under the water. The Lost Villages Museum chronicles the social history of those villages and I’m honoured to showcase my book at the Museum.

Drop by my table to say ‘hello’ and support the preservation of the memories of those villages.

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What's in the News !

Cynthia Young Author
A Tapestry of Two Worlds 
Events, spread across two continents, weave the tapestry of James Harrison Veevers’ life. Raised in the traditions of a middle-class English family, he emerges into adulthood under the shadow of his father’s expectations but without a clear direction. Boldly, he steps into East Asia to find his purpose, or perhaps to escape; first emigrating to Ceylon, then travelling north to Bombay. He immerses himself there during a period of rapid innovation. From steadfast rules of Victorian England to chaotic freedom in India, the Crown Jewel of the Empire, James strives to find the balance between his artistic nature and his need to achieve. Exchanging pastoral views, dingy factories, and crushing poverty during the Industrial Revolution in Lancashire for the exotic culture of Asia, James gathers the threads of his life, creating tightly knotted experiences. Can he really fit his hopes and dreams into this world or is James just intoxicated by the splendour of advancing Victorian architecture, engineering feats, and swift development?
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