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Cynthia Young Canadian Author Non fiction novels


Becoming a published author never occurred to me, but after raising my family and savouring a thirty-five-year business career, the inspiration to write emerged.

My stories use factual events woven with my imagination. Social history adds an expanse of possibilities as I place my characters into established events of their time. As an author using the creative non-fiction genre, I develop and outline plots to highlight the character arcs. Of course, I must choose one version of how those ancestors respond to the actual timeline, incorporating elements of recorded history, then describing their conduct and creating dialogue to bring the story to life.

The world of writing expands my horizons through communities of like-minded people, offering many new skills, and allowing me to share myself with others. Another passion, equally important to me, fills my fair-weather days as I transform our rural property, Maple Hill in Caledon, Ontario, with my partner David, into an extensive native garden, which we are committed to restore for future generations.

A great delight fills me when I think my children and grandchildren will always hear my voice on the printed page, and my words might inform and endure for them and others.

Maple Hill Caledon
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